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How to travel from/to Sihanoukville Airport?

There are 2 options when travelling from Sihanoukville Airport to the city centre: you can take a 30-minute taxi ride or a tuk-tuk. There are no buses operating this route.

Taxi from Sihanoukville Airport to Sihanoukville City Centre

Transport modeDurationCostsAvailability
Taxi20 – 30 min$20Read article for more info

We recommend taking a taxi from the airport to Sihanoukville. Taxis cost $20 and the ride will normally take a bit less than 30 min to the city centre.

There are a few tuk-tuks waiting at Sihanoukville Airport, but they won’t save you much money compared to the taxi. Tuk-tuk drivers in Sihanoukville are in general not price-friendly and don’t offer you much comfort.

Itinerary from/to Sihanoukville Airport


  • Sihanoukville Airport
  • 30min
  • Sihanoukville City Centre
Sihanoukville on map

From/To Sihanoukville Airport by Taxi

Duration: 20 – 30min
Cost: $20

You can find the taxi service counter at the arrival area just before heading out of the airport.

A taxi ride to the city centre takes 20-30 minutes and costs $20. If you want to save some bucks you can always look for other travellers who are heading to town and split the fare with them.

Note: One of our readers commented that it took almost 2 hours to reach the centre from the Airport. It’s only a 25km journey, but bear in mind that it always depends on the traffic. Therefore we recommend to always book one night in Sihanoukville before you continue by ferry to Koh Rong.

We recommend taking one of the better-rated taxis which are Dragon Taxi, Tourist Small Car Association and Friendship Taxi Association.

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