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How to get from Athens to Tinos

As the spiritual heart of Greece, Tinos is home to the Panagia Megalochari Church. It’s a house of worship dedicated to the country’s national patron saint: Our Lady of Good Tidings. Every year, thousands of pilgrims walk the 1 km distance from the port to the church to visit the image of the Virgin Mary.

When visiting Tinos, you will notice from just walking around its small villages that this island has something special. It could be the strong spiritual atmosphere on the island that will make you feel at peace. Another bonus for visiting Tinos is that ferry tickets from Athens only cost about half the price of the nearby and more famous islands Santorini and Mykonos!

2 ways to get from Athens to Tinos

There are 2 ways you can travel the 120 km distance from Athens to Tinos. You can either take a ferry from Rafina (4-5 hours) or a ferry from Piraeus (5 hours). Rates start from €35 ($36) and €45.50 ($47), respectively.

Transport ModeDurationCostsAvailability
Bus + Ferry via Rafina4-5 hours€35 ($36)Check Ferry Tickets
Train + Ferry via Piraeus5 hours€45.50 ($47)Check Ferry Tickets

For both options, you’ll have to take a bus or train from Athens to the port. If you’re unsure about which port is better to get from Athens to Tinos, simply consider 2 factors: motion sickness and budget.

From Rafina, you will only find high-speed ferries. With a ferry ride of 3-4 hours, this ferry is faster but also bumpier.

Wondering whether you can take a flight? Taking a flight from Athens to Tinos is not possible, as there is no airport on the island. The closest airport can be found in Mykonos, another island located 25 km southeast of Tinos.

Athens to Tinos by Ferry via Rafina

Duration: 4-5 hours
Cost: €35 ($36)
Duration: 4-5 hours
Cost: €35 ($36)

The first option when travelling from Athens to Tinos is via Rafina. This town is located 35 km east of Athens city centre.

If you’re going for speed and don’t mind a bit of a bumpy ride, the ferry route via Rafina is faster and cheaper than travelling via Piraeus.

Including the 1-hour bus ride to the port, rates start from €35 ($36). This option is €10 ($10) cheaper compared to travelling from Athens to Tinos via Piraeus.

See here the two journeys when travelling via Rafina:

Step 1: Athens to Rafina by Bus

From Athens city centre, you’ll first have to get to Rafina Port. There are 2 ways you can do this: by 1-hour bus or by 30-minute taxi.

Buses operating from Athens to Rafina depart from KTEL – Attikis Station just beside Pedion Areos in Athens city centre. These buses depart every 15-45 minutes with the first trip at 05:45 and the last trip at 22:30.

A bus ticket costs around €4 ($4.15). The trip takes around 1 hour.

The bus arrives at Rafina Bus Station. From here, it is just a few minutes walk to Rafina Port.

You can also take a taxi that will take only 30 minutes, but it can be quite expensive with rates from €33.50 ($34.50).

Step 2: Rafina to Tinos by Ferry

Only high-speed ferries sail from Rafina to Tinos daily. You can travel with Seajets, Golden Star, or Cyclades Fast Ferries.

The average travel time from Rafina to Tinos is 3-4 hours. However, note that because of the speed, the ride can get really bumpy.

Ticket prices from Rafina to Tinos start from €31 ($32).

Ferry schedules from Rafina to Tinos

Ferry OperatorScheduleCosts
Seajets16:45-20:25€31 ($32)
Check Ferry Tickets
Golden Star Ferries07:15-09:10
€31 ($32)
Check Ferry Tickets
Cyclades Fast Ferries07:30-11:05
€32 ($33)
Check Ferry Tickets

The ferries arrive at Tinos Port, which is just beside the island’s city centre.

If you’re prone to motion sickness, you can consider taking a slower ferry from Piraeus Port. You can read more about this option in the next section!

Check Ferry Tickets

Athens to Tinos by Ferry via Piraeus

Duration: 5 hours
Cost: €45.50 ($47)
Duration: 5 hours
Cost: €45.50 ($47)

If you prefer a slower ferry, then it’s best to travel from Athens to Tinos via Piraeus Port. This port is only 30 minutes away from Athens by train, but the ferry ride will take a bit longer.

Blue Star Ferries will give you a very steady and calm ride for 4.5 hours. Combined costs for this route start from €45.50 ($47).

Piraeus is closer to Athens than Rafina, only 15 km away. However, only regular ferries depart from this port, so the total travel time from Athens to Tinos can take around 5 hours.

See here the two journeys when travelling via Piraeus:

Step 1: Athens to Piraeus by Train

Piraeus is a port situated 15 km southwest of Athens city centre. You can easily get there via a 30-minute train that costs €1.50 ($1.55).

From Athens city centre, find the nearest Metro green line (Line #1). That could be either Monastiraki or Omonia station. You need to get off at Piraeus Station. From here, you can walk along the coast for about 500m to reach Piraeus Harbour.

If you’d rather be dropped off directly at the port, you can take a 15-minute taxi from Athens for around €10 ($10).

Step 2: Piraeus to Tinos by Ferry

Blue Star Ferries offers ferry trips for the Piraeus to Tinos route. The ferry leaves Piraeus Harbour at 07:30 daily, and there is an additional ferry trip every Monday at 16:00.

Unlike the ferries from Rafina, the ferries from Piraeus are slower and calmer. Thus, travel time can take around 4.5 hours.

Ferry tickets cost €44 ($45.50).

Ferry Schedule from Piraeus to Tinos

Ferry OperatorScheduleCosts
Blue Star Ferries07:30-12:00
€44 ($45.50)
Check Ferry Tickets

It’s best to check their schedules a few days before your trip to be sure. You can also book your tickets online for guaranteed seats.

All ferries arrive at Tinos Port, about 1 km south of the iconic Panagia Megalochari Church.

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Itinerary from Athens to Tinos

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