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How to get from Amalfi to Capri

The island of Capri is one of the most sought after destinations in Italy. Its stunning seaside scenery and vibrant culture has inspired countless books and films. And it is never short of reasons to visit, especially if you’re already staying in one of the nearby towns.

Also called “Celebrity’s Playground,” many of Capri’s luxury houses are owned by A-list stars. Locals like to boast that any day, it is possible to find celebrities cozying in cafes or shopping at one of the many high-end boutiques. But Capri isn’t just for the rich and famous. There’s plenty to enjoy in and around the island even for those on a lower budget.

5 ways to get from Amalfi to Capri

The most cost-efficient way to travel the 35 km distance from Amalfi to Capri is via a 1-hour direct ferry with rates from €22 ($22.50). Other options include a 1.5-hour taxi and ferry via Sorrento, an 11-hour day trip, or a 6-hour private tour. Costs range from €122 ($125) to €925 ($960).

Transport ModeDurationCostsAvailability
Direct Ferry1 hour€22 ($22.50)Check Ferry Tickets
Taxi and Ferry via Sorrento1.5 hours€122 ($125)Check Ferry Tickets
Day Trip from Amalfi11 hours€139 ($140)Check Day Trips
Day Trip from Sorrento
(recommended for groups)
10.5 hours€50 ($52) + taxi fareCheck Day Trips
Private Boat Tour6 hours€925 ($960)Check Private Boat Tours

A direct ferry is by far the easiest and cheapest way to get from Amalfi to Capri. Ticket prices start from €22 ($22.50) and you can complete the journey in just about an hour. The only downside is that this option is only available in summer (June to October).

If you’re travelling from Amalfi to Capri in winter, you can take a ferry from Sorrento instead. This option includes a 1-hour-10 minute taxi from Amalfi to Sorrento and a 20-minute ferry from Sorrento to Capri. Combined rates start from €122 ($125).

Short on time but want to make the most of your visit to Capri? An organised day trip or private tour will allow you to enjoy both the journey and the destination. Day trips usually take 11 hours and rates start from €139 ($140) per person. Private boat tours, on the other hand, typically take 6 hours and prices start at €925 ($960) for a group of 5 people.

An extra tip if you’re taking a day trip with a group, rates are cheaper when coming from Sorrento. Day trip prices from Sorrento to Capri start from only €50 ($52) per person. But keep in mind that you’ll need to take a taxi to get from Amalfi to Sorrento, and you’ll only get to save money if you can split the taxi fare with a group.

Itinerary from Amalfi to Capri

Amalfi to Capri by Direct Ferry

Duration: 1 hour
Cost: €22 ($22.50)
Duration: 1 hour
Cost: €22 ($22.50)

The ferry service from Amalfi to Capri runs only during the summer season from June to October. You can check the dates and schedules a few days to a week before the summer season begins.

You can choose from three ferry operators: Alicost, Positano Jet, and NLG (Navigazione Libera Del Golfo). The journey takes around an hour, and fares start from €22 ($22.50).

Departure and arrival station

There are 2 departure points in Amalfi. Positano and Alicost ferries depart from Amalfi Pier, while NLG ferries are available at Amalfi Harbor Marina Coppola. These ports are just 5 minutes away from each other by foot.

The ferries dock at Capri Ferry Terminal, the main port in Capri. Just 1 km to the south, you’ll find Piazza Umberto I in the town centre.

Ferry schedules from Amalfi to Capri

Ferry OperatorScheduleCosts
€22 ($22.50)
Check Ferry Tickets
Positano Jet09:50-10:50
€25 ($26)
Check Ferry Tickets
€28 ($29)
Check Ferry Tickets

We recommend that you already book your tickets online so that you would know which port to get to and what time you have to be there. The price difference between onsite and online booking is only about €1 ($1). You can easily pre-book your tickets through BookAway.

Amalfi to Capri by Taxi and Ferry via Sorrento

Duration: 1.5 hours
Cost: €122 ($125)
Duration: 1.5 hours
Cost: €122 ($125)

Are you travelling from Amalfi to Capri outside the summer season? You can only do so via Sorrento, where ferries are available all year round. This is also an alternative option when the direct ferries are already fully booked.

Step 1: Amalfi to Sorrento by taxi

Duration: 1hr 10m
Cost: €100 ($100)
Duration: 1hr 10m
Cost: €100 ($100)

The first thing you’ll need to do is take a taxi from your accommodation in Amalfi to the Port of Sorrento. Taxi fares start from €100 ($100) for the 1-hour-10 minute journey.

Private transfers are also available on BookAway. Rates for a 3-passenger car start from €100 ($100), while a minivan that can accommodate up to 8 people costs around €140 ($145).

Check Private Transfers with BookAway

Step 2: Sorrento to Capri by ferry

Duration: 20 minutes
Cost: €22 ($22.50)
Duration: 20 minutes
Cost: €22 ($22.50)

Alilauro and NLG (Navigazione Libera Del Golfo) offer several high-speed ferry trips from Sorrento to Capri every day all year round. Ticket prices start from €22 ($22.50) and travel time is only 20 to 25 minutes.

There are several ferry departures from morning to afternoon on this route. You can easily go to the port and buy tickets for the next trip available. However, if you’re travelling on a weekend or during holidays, it’s best to book your tickets prior to your trip.

Below are the trips you can book online:

Ferry schedules from Sorrento to Capri

Ferry OperatorScheduleDurationCosts
Alilauro2x departures a day from
08:45 to 09:20
20 minutes€22 ($22.50)
Check Ferry Tickets
NLG8x departures a day from
08:30 to 17:05
25 minutes€24 ($25)
Check Ferry Tickets
SNAV5x departures a day from
08:20 to 16:35
20 minutes€24 ($25)
Check Ferry Tickets

If you’re planning to rent a car or scooter in Amalfi or Sorrento, you can take the Caremar car ferry from Sorrento. Note that motor vehicles aren’t allowed to enter Capri for most of the year. Vehicles of non-residents can only disembark on the island in the off-season months between November and March.

All ferries also dock at Capri Ferry Terminal. Check out our Sorrento to Capri guide to also see the options for car ferries as well as private and group tours.

Amalfi to Capri by Day Trip

Duration: 11 hours
Cost: €139 ($140)
Duration: 11 hours
Cost: €139 ($140)

If you’re planning to visit Capri for just a day, joining an organised day trip is a great option. It’s a bit expensive, but what we love about this is that you’ll have a local guide by your side to show you around Capri’s must-see wonders.

Since the town of Sorrento is closer to the island of Capri, some tour operators will take you from your accommodation in Amalfi to the port in Sorrento to begin the day. If your hotel cannot be reached by car, you will be picked up from the closest meeting point.

Day trips from Amalfi to Capri usually take 11 hours. Rates start from €139 ($140) per person.

Check Day Trips with GetYourGuide

Recommended option for groups: Day trip from Sorrento

Duration: 10.5 hours
Cost: €50 ($52) + taxi fare
Duration: 10.5 hours
Cost: €50 ($52) + taxi fare

Are you looking for a cheaper day trip option? It actually costs less if you kick off your day trip from Sorrento instead of Amalfi. Day tour rates from Sorrento to Capri start from €50 ($52) per person, just a third of prices from Amalfi.

This is something we recommend only if you’re travelling in at least a small group, though. From Amalfi, you’ll have to take a 1-hour-10 minute taxi to Sorrento, which costs about €100 ($100).

This option is more expensive than the tour from Amalfi to Capri if you’re travelling on your own. But if you can split the taxi fare with two more people, then you can definitely save a few bucks!

Amalfi to Capri by Private Tour

Duration: 6 hours
Cost: €925 ($960) for 5 people
Duration: 6 hours
Cost: €925 ($960) for 5 people

If you’re travelling in a group, you might be more comfortable on a private tour from Amalfi to Capri. GetYourGuide offers private boat tours from €925 ($960). This can accommodate up to five people, so it’s about €185 ($190) per person.

It’s more expensive and shorter than a regular day tour. A private tour only takes 6 hours, as opposed to 11 hours with a group tour. Still, we can’t deny that having your own boat while exploring the Blue, Green, and White grottoes sounds like a great idea – if you have the budget for it!

Check Private Tours with GetYourGuide

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