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How To Get From El Nido to Coron?

Going from El Nido to Coron? Coron, Palawan is a popular Philippines destination known for its natural beauty, great diving spots and relaxed ambiance.

If you want to travel from El Nido to Coron directly, your best option is to cross the 280km ocean is by a local boat or fast ferry. The quickest ferry to El Nido takes 3 hours. However, you can also book a 40-min direct flight from Coron to El Nido.
Transport modeDurationCostsAvailability
Ferry3 hours1,800 PHP ($34)Check ferry tickets
Flight1 hour2,600 PHP ($50)Check flights


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El Nido to Coron by Ferry

Duration: Duration: 3 hours
Costs: 1,800 PHP ($34)

Going by boat from El Nido to Coron is a good experience. The route passes a few well-known islands such as Linapacan and San Miguel, all with beautiful beaches and landscapes. Some companies offer tour packages for exploring these islands.

There are 3 types of ferries you can choose from. We have provided some descriptions below as well as an overview.

Slow Boat or Bangka

The first option is to take a slow boat or ‘bangka’. These local boats are usually utilized for island crossings. The bangka heading to Coron are bigger than the ones that locals often use since it’s a longer trip.

These boats do not have big engines, so it takes between 6-9 hours to reach Coron, depending on the weather. During heavy rain, these boats may not operate at all. It’s an interesting travel experience, but sometimes strong currents can affect the journey.

There are 2 boat companies that operate trips through this route: Bunso and MBCA Jessabel. They charge 1,400 PHP ($27) per person, and this also includes a simple lunch.

Passenger Cargo Ship

The name of the cargo ship is MV May Lillies, operated by Atienza Shipping. The vessel runs on slow speed, so the journey from El Nido to Coron takes 8 hours. They only run one boat along this route per week (Wednesdays).

An economy ticket costs 1,500 PHP ($28) per person, and the passenger lounge with air con costs 1,650 PHP ($31).

Fast Ferry

Taking the fast ferry is the most expensive option, but it goes from El Nido to Coron in just 3.5 hours.

Two companies each operate 1 trip per day: Montenegro Lines departs at 6:00, and another company called Phimal departs at 8:20. The Montenegro ticket costs 1,900 PHP ($35) per person, and the Phimal ticket costs 1,800 PHP ($34) per person.

You can book tickets for the fast ferry online, at the operator’s ticket outlets or through your hotel. Also, don’t forget to pay the port fees when required.

All of the boats depart from El Nido Ferry Terminal and dock at Coron Port. The port is about 2km from the town center of Coron. If you don’t mind the 15-minute walk, you can walk to the town center or your hotel. Another option is to ask your hotel to help arrange local transport. Additional charges may apply.

Ferry OperatorVessel TypeScheduleDurationCosts
BunsoBangka08:30-17:309h1,400 PHP ($27)
MBCA JessabelBangka07:30-16:30
(Tuesday, Friday, Sunday)
9h1,400 PHP ($27)
Atienza ShippingPassenger Cargo Ship07:30-15:30
8h1,500 PHP ($28) / 1,650 PHP ($31)
Montenegro LinesFast Ferry06:00-09:003h1,900 PHP ($35)
PhimalFast Ferry08:20-11:203h1,800 PHP ($34)

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El Nido to Coron by Flight

Duration: Duration: 1 hour
Costs: 2,600 PHP ($50)

Air Swift, a boutique airline operated by the Ayala Group, operates one flight every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Their schedules change according to specified dates, so it’s best to check their website for the latest updates.

Expect to pay 2,600 PHP ($50) for a one-way ticket. The plane departs El Nido Airport and lands at the Francisco B. Reyes Airport in Coron. The flight takes 40 minutes.

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