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How To Get To Sukhothai?

Leaving fromDurationPrices fromSee details
Bangkok1.5hrs-8.5hrs330 THB-1,500 THB ($11-$50)Bangkok to Sukhothai
Chiang Mai5hrs-11.5hrs300 THB-3,620 THB ($10-$120)Chiang Mai to Sukhothai

My favourite places to stay in Sukhothai

Resting Place Hostel

Located in Old Sukhothai just steps away from the Sukhothai Historical Park, this hostel is in an ideal location. There is a restaurant on-site and breakfast is included with your stay. Private rooms are equipped with private balconies overlooking the surrounding area. The hostel is very clean and the staff is extremely helpful.

  • Perfect location
  • Private balcony 
  • Breakfast included
  • Clean and comfortable

Private room starts at $14 per night

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Mango House 

Mango House is centrally located in Sukhothai, just a few minute’s walk to downtown New Sukhothai and a few meters from the bus to Old Sukhothai. Cool off in the outdoor swimming pool and enjoy the garden and terrace area for relaxing.  A wonderful breakfast is included with your stay and hosts are exceptionally friendly and helpful.

  • Ideal location
  • Swimming pool
  • Breakfast included
  • Walking distance to shops and restaurants

Private rooms start at $25 per night

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Scent of Sukhothai Resort

If you’re looking for something a little more luxurious, then be sure to check out the Scent of Sukhothai Resort. This resort offers a stunning garden and lovely outdoor swimming. Breakfast is included daily with your stay. Located near the Historical Park, you can easily ride your bike there or hop in a taxi for a short ride. 

  • Swimming pool
  • Near Historical Park
  • Outdoor garden area
  • Breakfast included

Private rooms start at $43 per night

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