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Always dreamed of staying in this beautiful lodge in between the rice paddies of Bali, or the beach shack in Thailand? On Airbnb, you will find the most unique accommodations making your stay the experience itself.

While I mostly use for most accommodations, I use Airbnb to find more unique ones by using the “Superhost filter”.

Besides the unique accommodations, Airbnb is also perfect to use when traveling in a group as they have a wide range of accommodations that can host large groups.

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Saving more than $100 a year on travelling with the debit card of N26

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Banking costs can easily rise over $50 on one single trip, or even hundreds of dollars if you go backpacking for several months.

However, there is a way to avoid these high fees with the FREE debit card of N26.

While most banks charge between 2-5% fees when paying in foreign currencies, N26 doesn’t charge you any fees and also no annual contributions fees with the basic plan.

Another advantage when using the N26 card during your travels, is that the app sends a push notification to your phone about the payments you make. Whether you are paying for your hotel, shopping or food in a restaurant, the app will let you know instantly how much you actually paid in your own currency.

Want to read more about the advantages of the N26 Mastercard when travelling? Then check it out this page t read how this card saved me more than $100 on my trip to the Philippines.

Want to check out the offer straight away? Then see below how you can sign up for this card.

How to sign up for a free N26 Mastercard

  1. Sign-up for a free account (takes less than 8 minutes)
  2. Download the N26 app and continue the registration process
  3. Transfer an x amount to your new Mastercard and you’re ready to go!


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