How to get from Bogota to Salento?

Salento is a colourful colonial town with lots of hip restaurants, surrounded in the stunning green mountains of the coffee region. An absolute must is to go hiking between the tallest palm trees in the world in the famous Cocora Valley (Valle de Cocora).

Besides taking a taxi, you can also travel from Bogota to Salento on your own by bus or by taking a plane. The bus journey takes about 9 hours and costs about 80,000 COP ($21). Flying only takes one hour, but for the total journey you should calculate about 5 hours and a cost of about 150,000-225,000COP ($40-60).

Bus or Flight via Armenia or Pereira?

Transport ModeDurationCostsAvailability
Bus via Armenia9 hours80,000 COP ($21)Check bus tickets
Bus via Pereira9 hours90,000 COP ($23)Check bus tickets
Flight1hr flight + 1 hr drive90,000 – 220,000 COP ($25 – $60)Check flights

Most travellers chose to go by bus, with transit in Armenia, as it is easy, safe and relatively cheap. The beautiful scenery along the way you get for free! As this is quite a long journey from Bogota to Salento, you can also opt for a night bus for the first part (which takes 7-10 hours). Advantage: you save out one night of accommodation.


Itinerary from Bogota to Salento

Bus icon

Bogota to Salento by Bus

Duration: 9 hours
Cost: 80,000 COP ($21)

When you want to go from Bogota to Salento by bus, you have to take a bus to Armenia or Pereira first. These buses will take about 8 to 10 hours, followed by another 45-60 minute bus drive to Salento.

Whether you go via Armenia or Pereira, you will have to take a bus from the Terminal de Transporte (Terminal Salitre) in Bogota. Note that this is the bus terminal in the south of Bogota (Terminal de Autobus Sur), not north!

Keeping in mind that the duration of the journey varies according to traffic and stopping times. We recommend leaving Bogota early in the morning in order to arrive at your destination before the end of the day.

Stopover in Armenia or Pereira?

As there is no direct line from Bogota to Salento, you need to transfer in either Armenia or Pereira.

We think it is best to travel via Armenia. Thanks to the frequency of the buses leaving from Armenia to Salento you won’t lose much transit time. While the buses from Armenia leave every 20 minutes, buses from Armenia leave every one or two hours.

Another reason why we prefer to travel from Bogota to Salento via Armenia is because the journey to Armenia takes a little shorter (7-9 hours compared to 8-10 hours to Pereira).

Also, in case of delays, the chance of missing the last bus connection is lower when you travel via Armenia. The last bus departs from Armenia to Salento around 8 pm, while the last one from Pereira to Salento leaving around 6.30 pm.

If you opt for the night bus, it’s better to take the bus with the latest departure time, so you don’t arrive too early in the morning in Armenia or Pereira.


Bogota to Salento via Armenia (best option)

Duration: 8 hours
Cost: 80,000 COP ($21)

Most travellers go from Bogota to Salento via Armenia, as the bus lines for the second part of the trip are more frequent.

Step 1: Bogota to Armenia

Duration: 7 hours
Cost: 75,000 COP ($20)

We recommend booking with Expreso Bolivariano, which is considered as the most comfortable and safe bus company. It is a large bus with toilet, AC, wifi and plugs to charge your devices.

It is recommended to book your ticket in advance as these buses often get full last-minute (Colombians usually don’t buy their tickets in advance/online). You can purchase yours online at the Bolivariano website (Spanish)

If you want to buy your ticket at the ticket office at the station, it is best to go at least one hour before departure to increase your chances on an available seat.

Other options are booking via your hostel or a travel agency, although they might charge you a little more.

The first part of the trip (Bogota to Armenia) takes about 7-9 hours and costs 75,000 COP ($20).

The Expreso Bolivariano bus leaves four times a day from Bogota: 8 am, 9:15 am, 9:15 pm and 10 pm (note that the departure temporarily has been changed to two times a day, at 8 am or 12 pm, so make sure to doublecheck).

Although we recommend traveling with reputable bus companies for more safety, you can actually find a bus connection from Bogota to Armenia every hour. Prices vary between 45,000COP ($12) and 90,000COP ($24).

Good alternatives for the popular Expreso Bolivariano are Expreso Palmira and Flota Magdalena.


Bus schedule from Bogota to Armenia
Transport ModeDeparturesDurationCostsSchedule
Expreso Bolivariano08:00, 09:15, 21:15, 22:007 – 9 hours75,000 COP ($20)Check bus tickets
(Spanish website)
Flota Magdalena15:00; 19:007 – 9 hours65,000 COP ($18)Check bus tickets
All bus companiesEvery hour between 06.30 to 23:008 – 10 hoursBetween 45,000 COP ($12) – 90,000 COP ($24)Check bus tickets
(Spanish website)

Step 2: Armenia to Salento

Duration: 45m
Cost: 4,700 COP ($1.30)

You will be dropped in the bus terminal of Armenia (Terminal Armenia). Continue towards the parking lot, there you will find a sign “Salento” where you can catch your second bus.

This is a smaller, local bus that takes you to Salento Plaza in less than one hour and for 4,700 COP ($1.30).

Most possibly someone will walk through the station calling and collecting people to fill up the bus for Salento.

There’s no timetable, it just runs every 20 minutes or when full, from 5 am until 8 pm. You can pay on the bus, to the driver or to the attendant.


Bus schedule from Armenia to Salento
Transport ModeDeparturesDurationCosts
Local busEvery 20 minutes, from 05:00 to 20:0045 – 60 minutes4,700 COP ($1.30)


Alternative route: Bogota to Salento via Pereira

Duration: 9 hours
Cost: 90,000 COP ($23)

Travelling by bus from Bogota to Salento via Pereira takes a little longer than the Armenia route. Normally the bus ride will take about 9 hours and costs 80,000 COP ($21).

In Pereira you transfer to your second bus, which takes you to Salento in about 45 minutes for 7,500 COP ($2).

Step 1: Bogota to Pereira

Duration: 8 hours
Cost: 80,000 COP ($21)

Just like getting to Armenia, getting to Pereira is quite easy as there are buses leaving every hour.

However, a fluent connection with the second bus shouldn’t be taken for granted. That makes travelling via Pereira less convenient than going via Armenia.

For the first part of the trip you can find buses to Pereira, between 6.30 am and 11 pm. Again we recommend the bus company Expreso Bolivariano that schedules departure about nine times a day.

Another frequent bus line to Pereira is with Velotax. Alternatives are Expreso Palmira, Fronteras and Flota Magdalena, leaving to Pereira only once a day.

Bus schedule from Bogota to Pereira
Transport ModeDeparturesDurationCostsSchedule
Expreso Bolivariano06:30; 08:30; 11:30; 13:00; 15:00; 16:30; 18:00; 21:00; 23:308 – 9 hours80,000 COP ($21)Check bus tickets
(Spanish website)
Flota Magdalena20:008 – 9 hours70,000 COP ($19)Check bus tickets on redBus
All bus companiesEvery hour between 06.30 to 23:009 – 10 hoursBetween 60,000 COP ($16.50) – 90,000 COP ($24)Check bus tickets
(Spanish website)

Step 2: Pereira to Salento

Duration: 45 minutes
Cost: 7,500 COP ($2)

For the second part of the trip (Pereira to Salento), there is only one bus line called Expreso Alcalá.

It runs less frequent (every one or two hours, from 6.30 am to 6.30 pm) in comparison with the transfer in Armenia (every 20 minutes, from 5 am to 8 pm). Make sure to check the bus schedules.

Also, don’t forget about the “latino times”: delays are rather the rule than the exception!

Bus schedule from Pereira to Salento
Transport ModeDeparturesDurationCostsSchedule
Expreso AlcalaEvery one or two hours, from 06:30 to 18:3045 minutes7,500 COP ($2)Check bus tickets
(Spanish website)

In case you have to wait for a little while, there are cafeterias in the terminal where you can eat, drink and relax safely.

If you have time enough, you can also explore the shopping mall, named “La 14” (La Catorce), across the street. There are some restaurants, a food court and a supermarket. Perfect for hungry travellers on the go!


flight icon

Bogota to Salento by Flight

Duration: 2 hours
Cost: 165,000 – 220,000COP ($44 – $60)

Travelling by plane from Bogota to Salento is fast and easy. However, you will miss the beautiful scenery along the journey and you will still need to transfer, as Salento doesn’t have an airport.

From Bogota airport (El Dorado International Airport, BOG) you have two options, a one hour flight to Armenia or a one hour flight to Pereira.

Just like the bus, flying to Armenia is most convenient, as the bus line from Armenia to Salento is more frequent than from Pereira to Salento.


Flying from Bogota to Salento via Armenia (best option)

Duration: 2 hours
Cost: 90,000 – 220,000COP ($25 – $60)

Step 1: Flight from Bogota to Armenia

Duration: 1 hour
Cost: 135,000-190,000COP ($36-$50)

Flights to Armenia (El Edén International airport, AXM) go frequent with Avianca and EasyFly. This will cost you about 135,000-188,000COP ($36-50) for a one hour flight.

Check Flights with Skyscanner

Step 2: Armenia Airport to Salento

Duration: 1 hour
Cost: 30,000COP ($8)

From the airport, a 15-minute taxi drive will bring you to the bus terminal of Armenia for about 25,000COP ($7).

From here you can take the local bus to Salento. More details you can read in the bus section above!

If you opt for a taxi from Armenia airport directly to Salento, expect to pay about 95,000-120,000COP ($25-32).


Flying from Bogota to Salento via Pereira (alternative route)

Duration: 2 hours
Cost: 90,000 – 117,000COP ($25-$57)

Step 1: Bogota to Pereira

Duration: 1 hour 
Cost: 65,000-190,000 COP ($17-$50)

Flights from Bogota to Salento via Pereira (Matecaña International airport, PEI) is possible with the Colombian budget airlines VivaAir and EasyFly, or with the “bigger” airlines LATAM and Avianca. Prices vary between 64,000-188,000COP ($17-50).

Don’t get tricked by the cheapest flights. VivaAir and EasyFly rarely include luggage in their price. Add this and you will most probably end up paying the same price as with LATAM and Avianca, which is about 188,000COP (50$). Always doublecheck this!

Check Flights with Skyscanner

Step 2: Pereira to Selento

Duration: 1 hour
Cost: 27,000 COP ($7.50)

To get from the airport to the bus terminal you will first need to take a taxi. This takes about 15 minutes and costs about 20,000COP ($5.5).

From the terminal you can take the bus to Salento. More details you can read in the bus section above. Only don’t forget to check if your flight doesn’t arrive too late to catch the second bus connection!

Another option is to take a taxi directly from the airport to Salento, which takes one hour and costs about 120,000COP ($32). Right in front of the airport you will find metered taxis that will bring you to your destination safely. And what do you think about this advantage: door-to-door service!


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