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What to expect from Split?

Split is a coastal town and transport hub in Central Croatia. Its strategic location on the eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea makes it a good jumpoff point when visiting nearby islands, such as Brac and Hvar.

A beautiful mix of old and new, Split is a great place to explore Croatia’s colourful history while also enjoying modern luxuries. Even if you’re just passing by after exploring Brac, we hope you can make a quick visit to the Old Town and Diocletian’s Palace. You can also climb the Bell Tower of St. Domnius for the best views!

How to prepare for your visit to Split

Ferries from Brac to Split

Transport ModeDurationCostsAvailability
Direct Ferry from Bol1 hour63 KN (€8)Check ferry tickets
Direct Ferry from Milna30 minutes48 KN (€6)Check ferry tickets
Car Ferry via Makarska2hrs 45min204 KN (€27)Check ferry tickets

There are 3 ways you can travel the 35km distance from Brac to Split: a 1-hour ferry from Bol, a 30-minute ferry from Milna, and a 2-hour-45-minute car ferry via Makarska. Rates range from 48 KN (€6) to 204 KN (€27).

The easiest and most convenient way to get from Brac to Split is via a direct ferry from Bol, the island’s main tourist area. Ticket prices start from 63 KN (€8), and travel time is just around an hour.

The ferry from Milna, Brac to Split is a great choice if you’re already on the west side of the island. Fares start from 48 KN (€6) for the 30-minute ferry. The Milna route is also an alternative if the ferries from Bol are already fully-booked. From Bol, you can take a taxi or bus to Milna.

Car ferries are not available for the Brac to Split route. If you’re travelling by car, you’ll have to drive to Sumartin and take the car ferry to Makarska, a mainland town situated 70km southeast of Split. From here, you can either drive to Split for a little over an hour or take a bus. The entire journey takes around 2 hours 45 minutes with fares starting from 204 KN (€27).

Itinerary from Brac to Split

Bol, Brac to Split by High-Speed Ferry

Duration: 1 hour
Cost: 63 KN (€8)
Duration: 1 hour
Cost: 63 KN (€8)

If you’re a foot passenger, there’s really no better way to get from Brac to Split other than a high-speed ferry. It’s very convenient especially if you’re staying at the main tourist area in Bol, located on Brac Island’s south coast.

Jardolinija ferry operates all year round, while Kapetan Luka and KSC Naranca operate only from June to September. Ticket prices start from 63 KN (€8), and the ferry journey takes about 1 hour.

The SplitExpress ferry takes around 2.5 hours, as it arrives at a different port. This option is recommended if you’re heading to the airport after your Brac trip.

Departure & Arrival station

These ferries depart from the Port of Bol. It is the only port on the south coast of Brac island. This port is also close to hotels and restaurants in the city centre.

Jadrolinija, KSC Naranca, and Kapetan Luka dock at Split Ferry Port. This port is located just 500m south of the Old Town. As for SplitExpress, the arrival port is Divulje Port which is just a 10-minute walk from the airport.

Ferry Schedules from Bol to Split

Ferry OperatorScheduleCosts
63 KN (€8)
Buy Your Ferry Tickets
KSC Naranca11:00-12:00
130 KN (€17)
Buy Your Ferry Tickets
Kapetan Luka20:00-20:45156 KN (€20.50)
Buy Your Ferry Tickets
(from Split Airport)
12:15-14:35223 KN (€29.50)
Buy Your Ferry Tickets

Although ferry tickets are available at the port, we highly recommend that you book your tickets online to secure a seat.

Milna, Brac to Split by High-Speed Ferry

Duration: 30 minutes
Cost: 48 KN (€6)
Duration: 30 minutes
Cost: 48 KN (€6)

Are you staying on Brac Island’s west side? There are also ferries operating from Milna to Split. Milna is a beautiful Dalmatian fishing village located some 45km west of Bol.

The distance is shorter from this side of the island, so the ferry rides are also cheaper.

Ticket prices from Milna, Brac to Split start from 48 KN (€6). Travel time is 30 minutes to about an hour.

Depature & Arrival station

Ferries from Milna to Split depart from Milna Port. This port is within walking distance from the town centre.

The last stop for the ferries from Milna to Split is also Split Ferry Port. If you’re staying in Bol but taking the ferry from Milna, you can take a taxi with fares from 470 KN (€62).

If you’re on a budget, it’s much cheaper to take a bus from Bol to Milna. You’ll have to take a bus going north to Supetar, from where you can take another bus bound for Milna. The journey takes around 1.5 hours. Combined bus fares start from 77 KN (€10).

Ferry Schedules from Milna to Split

Ferry OperatorScheduleCosts
(Wednesdays only)
08:05-08:3548 KN (€6)
Buy Your Ferry Tickets
KSC Naranca06:25-07:3058 KN (€7.50)
Buy Your Ferry Tickets
TP Line20:00-20:3062 KN (€8)
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Kapetan Luka20:25-20:5582 KN (€10.50)
Buy Your Ferry Tickets

Kapetan Luka and KSC Naranca offer daily trips from Milna to Split. Although pricier, they get generally good reviews. TP Line is also a new ferry operating on this route.

Meanwhile, Jadrolinija ferries are available only on Wednesdays, giving you limited choices with your trip.

Brac to Split by Ferry via Makarska

Duration: 2hrs 45m
Cost: 204 KN (€27)
Duration: 2hrs 45m
Cost: 204 KN (€27)

Travelling by car from Brac to Split? Unfortunately, car ferries are not available for this route.

First, you’ll have get to Sumartin, a village at the east end of Brac. From here, you need to take a car ferry to Makarska, a few towns away from Split.

Makarska is also a good alternative for foot passengers who ran out of direct ferry tickets from Brac to Split.

Step 1: Brac to Sumartin by Car

Duration: 30 minutes
Duration: 30 minutes

Car ferries operating from Brac to Makarska depart from Sumartin Ferry Terminal. Located about 27km east of Bol, a drive to Sumartin takes around 30 minutes.

If you’re a foot passenger, your only alternative option is to take a taxi. Fares start from 312 KN (€41.50) for the 30-minute ride.

Step 2: Sumartin to Makarska by Ferry

Duration: 1 hour
Cost: 38 KN (€5) per adult + 166 KN (€22) per car
Duration: 1 hour
Cost: 38 KN (€5) per adult + 166 KN (€22) per car

Jadrolinija offers 3 daily trips from Sumartin to Makarska. Travel time is around 1 hour.

Fares start from 38 KN (€5) per passenger. For vehicles, rates start from 166 KN (€22) for cars less than 5m long. You can check their website for rates on other vehicles.

Ferry Schedule from Sumartin to Makarska

Ferry OperatorScheduleCosts
38 KN (€5) pp*
Buy Your Ferry Tickets
*This quoted price is excluding the fee of 166 KN (€22) per car.

These car ferries dock at Makarska Harbour.

Step 3: Makarska to Split by Car or Bus

Duration: 1hr 15m
Cost: 54 KN (€7)
Duration: 1hr 15m
Cost: 54 KN (€7)

If you’re travelling by car, you can simply drive northwest to Split for around 1 hour 15 minutes. The distance between the Makarska and Split is 62km.

If you’re a foot passenger, you can take a bus from Makarska Bus Terminal. This terminal is a 10-minute walk from the harbour.

There are three bus operators for this route and bus trips are available from 06:00 to 18:55.

Ticket prices start from 54 KN (€7). From Makarska to Split Bus Terminal, it takes around 1 hour 15 minutes by bus.

Bus Schedules from Makarska to Split

Bus OperatorScheduleDurationCosts
Arriva2x departure from
11:10 to 12:20
1hr 15m54 KN (€7)
Buy Your Bus Tickets
Cazmatrans Promet1x departure from
1hr 20m57 KN (€7.50)
Buy Your Bus Tickets
Promet MakarskaOnce or twice every hour from
06:00 to 18:00
1hr 15m66 KN (€8.50)
Buy Your Bus Tickets

You can your bus tickets in advance via GetByBus.

Our favourite places to stay in Split

Important: Tourism in Croatia is very seasonal. While many accommodations in Croatia shut down during the winter months, most of the accommodations get fully booked in the summer. With July and August being the peak season, rates can rise 3 times as high as compared the low season or shoulder months. We recommend booking your accommodation at least 1 month in advance to lock in better rates.

Apartment and Room Stone House - Budget Friendly

These modern and airy apartments, situated in Split centre are just moments away from the famous Diocletian’s palace, Bacvice Beach and a not unimportant - a delicious local bakery.

Watch the world go by on your own private balcony, or just relax after a day of exploring Split in your newly renovated, air-conditioned room. Nothing is too much for the host, Goran, who can give you the best insider tips.

  • Newly renovated
  • Short walk to famous landmarks
  • Very friendly host
  • Private balconies available

Check latest price

Guest House Kala - Mid-Range

Close to the hustle and bustle of Split, but still located within a quiet neighbourhood. At House Kala you do not need to worry about being kept up at night.

The rooms boast a homely and charming ambience, utilising the rustic stone that Split is famous for. Each room has their own private patio, where you can enjoy your welcome drink and relax.

  • Modern and clean rooms
  • Welcome drink
  • Great location
  • Friendly and helpful hosts

Check latest price

Luxury Rooms Lucija and Luka - Treating Yourself

Located within the pedestrian zone of Split’s Old Town, you can’t be closer to the centre than this hotel. The rooms offer a stunning blend of modern and old, with each one having a seating area, minbar and coffee machine.

You’ll struggle to find a fault in this hotel, especially when the hosts are so incredibly kind and helpful.

  • Perfect location
  • Room views of Split’s landmarks
  • Friendly hosts
  • Large and clean rooms

Check latest price

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