How to get from Dubrovnik to Split?

Split is a coastal town on Central Croatia, located on the eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea. This makes it a popular transport hub to and from the nearby islands such as Brac and Hvar.

A beautiful mix of old and new, Split is a great place to explore Croatia’s colourful history while also enjoying modern luxuries. Even if you’re just passing by after exploring Dubrovnik, we hope you can make a quick visit to the Old Town and Diocletian’s Palace. You can even climb the Bell Tower of St. Domnius for the best views.

Bus, Catamaran or Private Transfer?

You have 4 options when crossing the 230km distance from Dubrovnik to Split: a 4-hour bus, a 4.5-hour catamaran, a 3.5-hour private transfer, and a 13-hour day trip. Rates range between 121 KN ($16) and 1,380 KN (€182).

Transport ModeDurationCostsAvailability
Bus4 hours121 KN (€16)Check bus tickets
Catamaran4.5 – 6 hours220 KN (€29)Check catamaran tickets
Private Transfer3.5 hours1,380 KN (€182)Book a minivan
Day Trip13 hours985 KN (€130)Book a day trip

The bus is the cheapest way to get from Dubrovnik to Split. Fares start from 98 KN ($16) for the 4-hour journey.

For the best coastal views, you can also travel by catamaran during the high season from April to October. Travel time is 4.5 to 6 hours, depending on which company you travel with. Ticket prices start from 220 KN (€29).

Travelling with a group? If you split the cost, taking a private transfer from Dubrovnik to Split is not that expensive. Rates start from 1,380 KN (€182) for a 3-seater car and 1,500 KN (€198) for an 8-seater minivan.

Day tours are also available from Dubrovnik to Split. This is a good option if you only have a day to spare. A 13-hour tour costs 985 KN (€130) per person on GetYourGuide.

Immigration Tips

When travelling by land from Dubrovnik to Split, there’s a great chance that you’ll have to pass by the Neum Corridor. This is a 23km coastal strip in Bosnia, which lies between South and Central Dalmatia.

A lot of tourists are not familiar with this short border-crossing, thinking that they are just travelling from one Croatian town to another. However, there have been some who were refused re-entry to Croatia after unknowingly violating the Neum Agreement.

If you’re a tourist carrying a passport from the EU, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, then you shouldn’t have any problem. If you’re not from any of those countries, you’ll need to present a multiple-entry Schengen visa. Otherwise, you’ll be a “trapped tourist” and won’t be allowed to go back the same way.

Check out the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs website for more info.

Itinerary from Dubrovnik to Split

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Dubrovnik to Split by Bus

Duration: 4 hours
Cost: 121 KN (€16)

Buses operate on the Dubrovnik to Split route all year round. More trips are available during the peak season from April to October, but there should be at least 2 bus departures outside those months.

Ticket prices start from 121 KN (€16) and travel time is 4 to 4.5 hours. You can see below the bus schedules during the high season.

Bus OperatorScheduleDurationCosts
Croatia Bus08:00-12:15
4 hours 15 minutes
4 hours 20 minutes
121 KN (€16)
Promet Makarska10:00-14:10
4 hours 10 minutes
4 hours
121 KN (€16)
Autotransport13:00-17:254 hours 25 minutes144 KN €19)
Arriva15:30-20:104 hours 40 minutes130 KN (€17)

Buses depart from Dubrovnik Bus Station, near the Port of Gruz. They arrive at Split Bus Station, around 1km south of the Old Town.

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Dubrovnik to Split by Catamaran

Duration: 4.5 – 6 hours
Cost: 220 KN (€29)

When travelling during the peak season from April to October, you can also take a catamaran from Dubrovnik to Split. We love this alternative option as it gives you a chance to enjoy a majestic view of the Croatian coast, although it can be quite expensive.

Ticket prices start from 220 KN (€29) and travel time is 4.5 to 6 hours. Note that Jadrolinija makes a few pick-ups and drop-off stops on Korcula, Hvar and Bol before finally docking at Split — an interesting way to go island-hopping!

Ferry OperatorScheduleDurationCosts
Krilo (Kapetan Luka)
Book with BookAway
16:30-20:554 hours 25 minutes250 KN (€33)
Jadrolinija07:00-12:555 hours 55 minutes220 KN (€29)

You can board your ferry from Gruz Pier, situated 4km north of Dubrovnik’s Old Town. They dock at Split Ferry Terminal, some 500m south of the town centre.

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Dubrovnik to Split by Private Transfer

Duration: 3.5 hours
Cost: from 1,380 KN (€182)

Taking a private transfer is a fast and convenient option when travelling with a group.

The bigger the group, the cheaper the cost when you split the fare. Rates start from 1,380 KN (€182) for a 3-seater car and 1,500 KN (€198) for an 8-seater minivan. For the best customer service, we highly recommend booking your ride online via BookAway.

The journey from Dubrovnik to Split takes more or less 3.5 hours. You will be picked up and dropped off anywhere you want within the two towns’ central areas. It is also possible to be dropped off at Split Airport for an additional fee of 45 KN (€6).

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Split to Dubrovnik by Day Trip

Duration: 13 hours
Cost: 985 KN (€130)

If you don’t have much time to spend on Split, you can also join a 13-hour day trip from Dubrovnik. Keep in mind though that travel time alone will take about 8 hours back and forth, so that will leave you with just 5 hours to explore Split.

This tour features a visit to the iconic Diocletian’s Palace as well as the surrounding Old Town – a well-preserved exhibit of ancient Roman architecture!

Rates start from 985 KN (€130) when you book with GetYourGuide.

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