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How to get from Don Det to Pakse?

Don Det is a small island located in the middle of Mekong River in Si Phan Don (4000 islands) in Laos. It used to be an off the beaten part of the country until it gained popularity for its relaxed yet cool vibe. Top things to do here include dolphin watching, kayaking, and countryside cycling.

Pakse is a city in Southern Laos where the rivers Mekong and Xe Don meet. Many backpackers use Pakse as a jumping point to other places in the country but it is also worth a day or two. If you take a few days off to relax, Pakse is the perfect spot. Here you can take a peek at the Buddhist temples, shop at night markets, and enjoy laid back Lao culture.

Recommended transport option

The only option to travel the 140km journey from Don Det to Pakse is to take combined ferry and bus.  Travel time is 4 hours and will cost you $11.

Transport mode Duration Costs Availability
Bus 4 hours $11 Check bus tickets


Itinerary from Don Det to Pakse


  • Don Det
  • 4h
  • Pakse


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Don Det to Pakse by Bus

Duration: 4h
Cost: $11

At present, Green Paradise Tours is the only company that offers combined bus and ferry tickets from Don Det to Pakse. Combined fares start from $11 and travel time is around 4 hours.

Bus company Schedule Duration Costs
Green Paradise Tours 08:00-11:30 3h 30m $11

Green Paradise Tours

  • Departs from the North Beach in Don Det (ferry ride)
  • Arrives at Green Paradise Agency Pakse Office in the city center, near the Vietnamese Consulate

Green Paradise Tours gets mixed reviews for the Don Det to Pakse route. Some travellers are satisfied with their service, while others think it could improve.

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