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How to get from Kandy to Sigiriya?

From the lush plateau of Kandy, a hike through the rock fortress of Sigiriya should be a nice change of pace. Located north of Kandy, the Lion’s Rock in Sigiriya is probably the country’s most iconic landmark.

On top of the 200-meter rock plateau, you will find remnants of an ancient civilization that used its vertical walls to protect it from invaders. Surrounding the rock is a maze of gardens and ponds that will take you back to life in Sri Lanka in the 5th century.

When travelling the 90km from Kandy to Sigiriya, you have two options: you can take the bus for 3 hours, excluding transfers ($1.40) or you can take a taxi for a little less than 3 hours ($31.50).

The bus is the cheapest option at only $1.40. You will have to take two buses: one from Kandy to Dambulla, and another one from Dambulla to Sigiriya. The journey takes about 3 hours if you exclude the transfer time.

The taxi is the most comfortable option at $31.50. It is way more expensive than the bus, but a good option to consider if you’re travelling with a group, especially if you are with kids.

Schedule from Kandy to Sigiriya

Transport ModeDurationCostsAvailability
Bus3 hours245 Rs ($1.40)Read article for info
Taxi2hr 45min5,700 Rs ($31.50)Book a taxi


Bus icon

Kandy to Sigiriya by Bus

Duration: 3 hours
Costs: 245 Rs ($1.40)

There are no direct buses operating from Kandy to Sigiriya. You will first have to take a bus to Dambulla and then transfer to another bus bound for Sigiriya.

Step 1: Kandy to Dambulla by Bus

Duration: 2.5 hours
Costs: 200 Rs ($1.10)

From the Kandy Goods Shed Bus Stand, take a bus bound for Kaduruwela (#41-2), Anuradhapura (#42-2) or Trincomalee (#45). Fares start at 200 Rs ($1.10) for an ordinary bus and travel time is about 2.5 hours.

Only buses bound for Anuradhapura offer air-conditioned rides. However, these are not as common as ordinary buses and may have an interval of 1  to 2 hours. A ticket costs 420 Rs ($2.30)

We recommend that you depart from Kandy very early in the morning so that you can start your hike in Sigiriya before the sun is in full force. The first bus departs at 05:30 in the morning. Make sure you ask your hotel beforehand about the bus intervals so you can time your arrival at the bus station.

Get off at Dambulla Bus Stand.

Step 2: Dambulla to Sigiriya by Bus

Duration: 30 minutes
Costs: 45 Rs ($0.30)

From Dambulla Bus Stand, buses bound for Sigiriya depart at least twice per hour. Travel time is about 30mins and you can get a ticket for at least 45 Rs ($0.30). The bus will drop you off at the park entrance.



Kandy to Sigiriya by Taxi

Duration: 2hr 45min
Costs: 5,700 Rs ($31.50)

Travelling with a group? You can take a taxi from Kandy to Sigiriya for 5,700 Rs ($31.50). This way, you won’t have to worry about which bus to take and what time it will depart. The taxi will pick you right at your doorstep and you can expect to be in Sigiriya in less than 3 hours.

When booking a taxi, we recommend that you book via Uber or Pickme as they offer affordable rates and comfortable rides. For the best customer service, you can also book with BookAway. However, their rates can be a bit more expensive than local booking apps.

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