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How To Get From Cebu to Oslob?

Heading from the city of Cebu to Oslob?

Oslob, a coastal town on the southern tip of the Cebu province in the Philippines, is well-known for whale shark watching. Many locals and travellers head to Oslob to swim with the whale sharks (or butandings, as Filipinos call them).

ATTENTION: Before you go here, we want you to be aware of the consequences of swimming with these whale sharks in Oslob. The whale sharks are fed every day so they can be used as a tourist attraction. Once you go here they will call your number so you are ready to jump in the water and swim next to tons of tourists around the whale sharks.

These beautiful endangered creatures normally swim thousands of km each year, but are now completely removed from their natural habitat. If you really love the underwater life, thinks twice before you go. There are still some less touristic places where the whalesharks still live in the wild and professional organizations care of the well being of these animals. I will publish an in-depth article about swimming with whalesharks in the next months.

If you are not coming to Oslob for the whale sharks you can also explore the small town center to see remnants of the Spanish colonial period. For waterfall fans, Tumalog Falls is worth a visit too!

To get from Cebu to Oslob, there are three main modes of transport. You can take a 3-hour bus, a 2.5-hour public van, or hire a taxi (also about 2.5 hours). Keep in mind that a taxi is the most expensive.

Transport modeDurationCostsAvailability
Bus3h150 PHP - 160 PHP ($2.80-$3)No tickets online
Bus2.5h150 PHP ($2.80)No tickets online
Taxi2.5h2,350 PHP ($46)No tickets online


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Bus icon

Cebu to Oslob by Bus

Duration: 3 hours
Costs: 150 PHP – 165 PHP ($2.80-$3)

You can catch a bus at the South Bus Terminal. Ceres Bus offers trips as early as 1:00 and as late as 0:00. These buses are marked as Bato via Oslob, Oslob or Alcoy.

Sunrays Bus Lines have trips starting at 4:00, and the last bus leaves at 20:30. You can ride on the buses marked as Samboan or Oslob.

Both companies operate non-aircon and aircon buses. Expect to pay 150 PHP – 160 PHP ($2.80-$3) for a one-way trip. Tickets can be purchased at the terminal.

The buses will journey on to another destination. Make sure you inform the conductor of your destination so they can drop you off at the right spot.

Ceres Bus

  • Departs from South Bus Terminal along Natalio B. Bacalso Avenue, next to Elizabeth Mall
  • Drops off anywhere along Natalio Bacalso Avenue, Oslob

Ceres Bus is a trusted bus company in Cebu. However, sometimes drivers tend to drive fast.


  • Departs from South Bus Terminal along Natalio B. Bacalso Avenue, next to Elizabeth Mall
  • Drops off anywhere along Natalio Bacalso Avenue, Oslob

This bus company is less popular than Ceres Bus. They, too, receive complaints of drivers going too fast.
Bus icon

Cebu to Oslob by Van

Duration: 2.5 hours
Costs: 150 PHP ($2.80)

Public vans also operate between Cebu and Oslob, and it’s a good alternative to taking the bus. However, sometimes the vans can be packed.

Vans going to Oslob are found in the GT Express Terminal along Junquera Street, near the University of San Carlos. There are no designated schedules for departures. Vans leave as soon as they are full. A one-way trip costs 150 PHP ($2.80).

Vans usually drop off passengers at Oslob’s town center. From there, you may have to take another mode of transport to your destination.

When traveling with a group, you can negotiate with the driver to bring you straight to the whale shark watching spot for a few additional pesos.

Cebu to Oslob by Taxi

Duration: 2.5 hours
Costs: 2,350 PHP ($46)

Though expensive, taking a taxi from Cebu to Oslob is a comfortable option.

You can hail a taxi from the street and agree on a price with the driver. However, it’s best to arrange a taxi or transport service through your hotel or guesthouse.

Taxi drivers do not use the meter for long-distance trips. They will quote you a fixed price, and you can negotiate. The fare from Cebu to Oslob starts at 2,350 PHP ($46). Always make sure you agree to a good deal with the driver.

You may also book a ride via Grab, a transport app.


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