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How to get from Moalboal to Cebu

Many tourists just use Cebu City as a gateway point to their next Philippine destination. But it won’t hurt to spend a day exploring the city. Cebu may be highly urbanized, but it boasts of a colourful history.

Check out Magellan’s Cross and Fort San Pedro for a bit of history lesson. You can also get a bird’s eye view of the city from Crown Regency Hotel, which offers sky adventures some 450ft above the ground. Make sure to try out the city’s famed lechon, said to be the best in the country.

3 ways to get from Moalboal to Cebu

Transport modeDurationCostsAvailability
Bus3 hours170 PHP ($3.05) Read article for more info
Van2.5 hours180 PHP ($3.25) Read article for more info
Taxi2.5 hours3,600 PHP ($65)Book a taxi

You have 3 options to travel the 85 km distance from Moalboal to Cebu: you can take a bus (3 hours), a shared van (2.5 hours), or a taxi (2.5 hours). Fares range from 170 PHP ($3.05) to 3,600 PHP ($65) .

The bus is the cheapest way to get from Moalboal to Cebu with fares from 170 PHP ($3.05). However, buses normally make a lot of stops, making the travel time take more or less 3 hours.

The van is a bit faster than the bus at around 2.5 hours. They don’t offer a lot of legroom though, especially for taller passengers. A seat costs 180 PHP ($3.25) for vans operating from Moalboal to Cebu.

If you prefer a private ride from Moalboal to Cebu, you can also get a taxi for about 3,600 PHP ($65). This is a good option if you’re travelling in a group as you can split the cost. The journey takes only around 2.5 hours.

Itinerary from Moalboal to Cebu

Moalboal to Cebu by Bus

Duration: 3 hours
Cost: 170 PHP ($3.05)
Duration: 3 hours
Cost: 170 PHP ($3.05)

To take the bus from Moalboal to Cebu, you’ll first need to get to Moalboal’s town centre via tricycle or motorcycle taxi. A ride costs 150 PHP ($2.70) and 50 PHP ($0.90), respectively.

Ceres Bus is the main operator for the Moalboal to Cebu route. Buses are available every 30 minutes from 04:00 to 18:00.

A bus ticket costs 170 PHP ($3.05) for non-aircon and 200 PHP ($3.60) for air-conditioned buses. The journey takes around 3 hours, but it may take longer depending on traffic in Cebu City.

Departure and arrival station

There is no designated bus station in Moalboal. Just head to the main road and wait for a bright yellow-coloured Ceres Bus to pass by.

Buses park at Cebu’s South Bus Terminal in the city centre.

Moalboal to Cebu by Van

Duration: 2.5 hours
Cost: 180 PHP ($3.25)
Duration: 2.5 hours
Cost: 180 PHP ($3.25)

A one-way van ride from Moalboal to Cebu costs 180 PHP ($3.25). Vans are available from morning until around 16:00 in the afternoon.

Travel time with a van is around 2.5 hours, a bit faster than the bus because vans do not make as many stops. Do note that vans aren’t very spacious and may be uncomfortable especially if you’re carrying a lot of luggage.

Vans depart when they are full. Sometimes though, if there aren’t enough passengers, van drivers decide not to go at all. If this happens, you can still catch a Ceres Bus from Moalboal to Cebu.

Departure and arrival station

Public vans are parked near Moalboal Municipal Hall. Drop off is at V-Hire South Terminal on Junquera Street in the city centre.

Moalboal to Cebu by Taxi

Duration: 2.5 hours
Cost: 3,600 PHP ($65)
Duration: 2.5 hours
Cost: 3,600 PHP ($65)

There aren’t many taxis in Moalboal. This gives drivers the upper hand in demanding higher prices.

This is why we recommend booking your private transfer via Klook, which offers comfortable cars with trusted drivers. Rates for a 3-seater sedan from Moalboal to Cebu start from 3,600 PHP ($65).

Check Private Transfers with Klook

You can also ask your hotel’s staff to arrange a taxi ride for you. They might be able to help you negotiate for a cheaper price. For reference, a reasonable taxi rate from Moalboal to Cebu should be around 3,000 PHP ($54).

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