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How To Get From Puerto Princesa to Cebu?

Cebu City, dubbed as the Queen City of the South. The Island is home to white-sand beaches and the popular Kawasan Falls. The more adventurous travellers can enjoy activities like canyoneering and island hopping. Even if you’ve already explored other places like Bohol, Davao, El Nido and Coron, the island of Cebu is a must-see.

To go from Puerto Princesa to Cebu, you have 2 options: a direct flight which takes about 1 hour, or a ferry trip which takes almost 2 days. Flights sell as cheap as 1,300 PHP ($23.50) or even cheaper during sales. Which option would you take?

Transport modeDurationCostsAvailability
Flight1h 10m1,300 PHP ($23.50)Check flights
Ferry37 hours excl transfer time2,450 PHP ($47)No online tickets


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Puerto Princesa to Cebu by Flight

Duration: 1hr 10min
Costs: 1,300 PHP ($23.50)

Flying from Puerto Princesa is the fastest option. AirAsia, Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines (PAL) offer multiple direct flights. Fares start at 1,300 PHP ($23.50) for a single journey.

When tickets are on sale, flights can even sell as cheap as 580 PHP ($11)!

Planes depart from Puerto Princesa International Airport and land at the Mactan-Cebu International Airport. Depending on where you intend to stay, you can take a jeepney or a taxi from the airport. Check out our article on Mactan-Cebu Int’l Airport for more info.

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Tip: Cebu Pacific and AirAsia offer many promotions annually. Keep an eye out for these promos so you can book cheap flights for this route!

Puerto Princesa to Cebu by Ferry

Duration: 37 hours excl transfer time
Costs: 2,450 PHP ($47)

There are no direct ferries from Puerto Princesa to Cebu. Instead, you need to take a ferry bound for Iloilo and from there, get another ferry to Cebu. If you prefer to travel by ferry, bear in mind that it takes almost 2 days for the entire journey.

Do you want to take on the challenge, pay double the price of a flight and spend 2 days travelling? then continue reading!

Step 1: Puerto Princesa to Iloilo by Ferry

Duration: 24 hours
Costs: 1,500 PHP ($28)

There are two well-known ferry companies offering trips to Iloilo: Montenegro Lines or Milagrosa.

Montenegro Lines has one schedule per week. The ferry departs from Puerto Princesa every Monday at 18:00. It makes a stop on the island of Cuyo. For a regular non-aircon ticket, expect to pay about 1,500 PHP ($28). This includes a bed space.

If you wish to book your ferry trip with Milagrosa, you need to contact them directly.

Tickets for both companies can be purchased at the port in Puerto Princesa or at their designated ticket outlets. You may also ask for assistance from your hotel.

Step 2: Iloilo to Cebu by Ferry

Duration: 12-13 hours
Costs: 930 PHP ($18)

You can book your ferry ticket with Trans-Asia Shipping or Cokaliong Shipping Lines. For an overview of the ferry schedules, see the table below:

Ferry OperatorScheduleDurationCosts
12h930 PHP ($18)
12h 30m930 PHP ($18)

Ferries depart from the Puerto Princesa Port and dock at the Cebu Pier. Tickets can be purchased online through their website and at their ticket outlets.

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