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How to get from Coron to Manila?

You have 2 options when travelling the 480km journey from Coron to Manila: you can take a flight for at least 45mins or an overnight ferry for 11 hours. Fares range from 2,250 PHP ($44.50) to 2,500 PHP ($50).

2 ways to get from Coron to Manila

Transport modeDurationCostsAvailability
Flight45m – 1h 20m2,650 PHP ($53)Check flights
Ferry11 hours2,250 PHP ($44.50)Check ferry tickets

The flight is the fastest option to travel from Coron to Manila. There are several flights available daily, with fares starting at 2,650 PHP ($53) if you book early. Travel time is between 45 minutes to a little less than 1.5 hours. Note that airfares can triple during peak season.

The ferry is a bit cheaper, with fares starting at 2,250 PHP ($44.50). However, the journey takes 11 hours and there is only one trip weekly. This departs Coron Pier at 18:00 on Sundays and arrives in Manila at 05:00 on Mondays. The ferry is a good alternative during the busy season, when flight prices soar.

Itinerary from Coron to Manila


Coron to Manila by Flight

Duration: 45m – 1h 20min
Cost: 2,500 PHP ($50) + 180 PHP ($3.50)

If you want to save time, then a direct flight from Coron to Manila is your best option, even though it costs more.

To get to the airport in Coron, you’ll need to take a van. You can ask your hotel for help, or you can also book your ride on your own via Klook. Shared van transfers start at 180 PHP ($3.50).

Flights from Coron to Manila can get quite expensive when not on sale. Skyjet, CebGo and Philippine Airlines (PAL) offer flights starting at 2,500 PHP ($50) for a one-way ticket. That’s if you book early. During peak season, the price can be 3 times more expensive. It’s best to plan your schedule ahead and book your ticket in advance to get cheaper rates.

PAL is the official carrier of the Philippines, and they usually offer more expensive rates than the other 2 airlines. The planes land at different terminals, depending on which airline you booked with.

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Tip: Cebu Pacific offers multiple “piso fare promotions” annually. Keep an eye out for these promotions so you can book a cheaper flight for this route!

Coron to Manila by Ferry

Duration: 11 hours
Cost: 2,250 PHP ($44.50)

Ferry trips from Coron to Manila operate only on Sundays. These depart from Coron Pier at 18:00 and the journey takes 11 hours. The ferry arrives at Pier 4 of North Harbour, Manila at 05:00 the following day.

Tickets start at 2,250 PHP ($44.50) when you book directly through 2Go Travel. However, this price still depends on how early you book and on the ticket class you purchase. This rate is for the mega value class, which includes a bed space for you to rest on during the journey. You can also book through 12GoAsia.

If you need further assistance with booking your ferry ticket, you may also ask for help from your hotel.

Travelling via ferry from Coron to Manila is not that bad, as the ferry ride is quite comfortable. The only downside is that it’s quite slow and requires almost half a day to travel. As it’s overnight though, it can save you some sightseeing time.

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