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How to get from Coron to Manila

If you’re ready to say goodbye to Coron’s spectacular diving sites, lagoons, mountains and beaches, this guide is for you. We will show you the best ways how to get back to Manila, but be prepared. The crowded streets, skyscrapers, and buzzing life in the city of Manila will be overwhelming when you’ve become used to the island life of Coron.

The distance from Coron to Manila is 444 km (276miles). In this post, we compare the two best options to travel from Manila to Coron: by flight (1hr 50m) and by ferry (14 hours). Ticket prices range from 1,350 PHP ($23.50) – 4,270 PHP ($74).

2 ways to get from Coron to Manila

Transport modeDurationCostsAvailability
Flight1hr 50m4,150 PHP ($72)Check flights
Ferry14 hours1,350 PHP ($23.50)Check ferry tickets

The flight is the fastest option to travel from Coron to Manila. There are daily several flights available, with fares starting around 4,000 PHP ($69), plus 150 PHP ($2.60) for a shared van from Coron town to airport. The total travel time is 1 hour 50 minutes for both flight and van transfer.

The ferry is a bit cheaper, with fares starting at 1,350 PHP ($23.50). However, the journey takes 14 hours with currently (June 2022) only one trip a week. The ferry is a good alternative during the peak season when flight prices soar.

Itinerary from Coron to Manila

Coron to Manila by Flight

Duration: 1hr 50m
Cost: 4,150 PHP ($72)
Duration: 1hr 50m
Cost: 4,150 PHP ($72)

A flight from Coron to Manila is your best option to get back to the capital city of the Philippines.

The flight itself takes a little over 1 hour, but above we also included the van transfer from Coron town to the airport. The total travel time is almost 2 hours.

At the moment, there are two airlines operating on this route, which are Philippine Airlines and CebGo. Skyjet also used to fly this route before, but they stopped their operations during the pandemic and haven’t resumed yet.

Step 1: Coron Town to Busuanga Airport by Van

Duration: 45 minutes
Cost: 150 PHP ($2.60)
Duration: 45 minutes
Cost: 150 PHP ($2.60)

From your hotel in Coron, you need to take a van ride to Francisco B. Reyes Airport (previously named Busuanga Airport). The airport is about 3 km away from Coron town, and the van ride will take around 45 minutes.

Some hotels in Coron offer free airport shuttle. However, if this is not available in your hotel, you can ask them for assistance in getting a ride to the airport. They can normally arrange a shared van transfer for 150 PHP ($2.60) per person.

Alternatively, you can rent a private van that can accommodate 10 passengers max. A private van from Coron town to Busuanga Airport would cost about 1,800 PHP ($31).

Step 2: Busuanga Airport to Manila by Flight

Duration: 1hr 5m
Cost: 4,000 PHP ($69)
Duration: 1hr 5m
Cost: 4,000 PHP ($69)

Flights from Coron to Manila are quite expensive when not on sale. For this route, you can choose to fly with Philippine Airlines or CebGo.

If you book for the next month, you can find one-way tickets that cost around 4,000 PHP ($69) to 7,500 PHP ($130). Flight fares tend to be more expensive if you are booking only days away from the scheduled flight. Also, during peak seasons, ticket fares can get pretty expensive and sell out.

It’s best to plan your schedule ahead and book your ticket in advance to get cheaper rates. Ticket fares can get around 2,600 PHP ($45) if you’re booking months in advance and during promotions.

Flights land at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) in Pasay City. NAIA currently has 4 terminals with different entry points. Terminal 2 is exclusive for Philippine Airlines flights, while CebGo flights land at Terminal 4.

To check the cheapest available flights, click on the button below.

Check Flights on Skyscanner

Pro-Tip: Cebu Pacific offers multiple “piso fare promotions” annually. Keep an eye out for these promotions so you can book a cheaper flight for this route!

Coron to Manila by Ferry

Duration: 14 hours
Cost: 1,350 PHP ($23.50)
Duration: 14 hours
Cost: 1,350 PHP ($23.50)

Travelling via ferry from Coron to Manila is a cheaper option than the flight.

The downside is that the trip takes 14 hours. You can try the ferry option if you aim to save some money and don’t mind the long way trip to Manila. An advantage though is that this ferry goes at night, which means you don’t need to spend your valuable day time travelling.

Departure and arrival station

Ferries from Coron to Manila depart from Coron Port, which is 2 km away from the town centre. From your hotel, you can walk in 15-minute to the port or ride a tricycle that costs around 20 PHP ($0.30).

Upon entering Coron Port, you need to pay a port fee of 20 PHP ($0.30).

The ferry arrives at Manila North Harbour Pier 4 in Tondo, Manila. This pier is accessible to other cities in Metro Manila via taxi or Grab.

Ferry from Coron to Manila

With the new schedule of 2Go Travel, ferry trips from Coron to Manila now operate every Friday (May 2022). The ferry departs Coron Port at 03:00, and the journey takes 14 hours.

The ferry arrives at Pier 4 of Manila North Harbour at 17:00 of the same day.

Tickets start at 1,350 PHP ($23.50) when you book directly through 2Go Travel. However, this price still depends on how early you book and on the ticket class you buy.

If you need further assistance with booking your ferry ticket, you may ask for help from your hotel. You can also book through 12GoAsia.

Check Ferry Tickets with 12go.Asia

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