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How to get from Manila to Banaue?

Known for its incredible rice terraces carved into the mountainsides, Banaue is a town in the Cordillera mountain range.

Often called the Eighth Wonder of the World, the Banaue Rice Terraces are over 2,000 years old and are a UNESCO World Heritage site. Take a tour and learn about Banaue’s history and the indigenous Ifugao people who built them largely by hand.

The only direct way to travel the 385 km (239 miles) distance from Manila to Banaue is by bus. Ticket prices start from 820 PHP ($15) and the bus ride takes between 8-11 hours, depending on traffic. There is also an option to fly, but the nearest airport from Banaue, Cauayan Airport (CYZ), is at least 4 hours away.

Covid-19 Travel Restrictions

Since March 2022, the Philippines eased travel restrictions for foreign travellers and locals alike. The main requirement is to be fully vaccinated. Thereby, foreigners are only allowed to enter the Philippines if they are from one of these countries.

Taking a flight? All foreign travellers have to download and register Traze App at least one day before their flight.

Besides the countrywide guidelines, each city also has different guidelines. One of the special requirements when visiting Banaue is to register at least one day before the date of arrival. You can find the latest info on the Banaue Tourism Office’s Facebook page.

2 ways to get from Manila to Banaue

Transport modeDurationCostsAvailability
Bus8-11 hours820 PHP ($15) Check bus tickets
Flight5 hours5,700 PHP ($105) Check flights

The bus is the most common option to get from Manila to Banaue. There are 2 night trips available every day, both depart at 22:00. Buses are clean and well-maintained, but not very spacious and can be uncomfortable for tall passengers since these are not sleeper buses.

If you don’t want to travel overnight, you can also fly from Manila to Cauayan Airport in Isabela, located some 130km east of Banaue. The flight takes only a little over an hour. But from this airport, you still need to travel by land for 4 hours to Banaue.

Considering your waiting time at the airport, you don’t really get to save a lot of time with the flight. Thereby, short-haul flights like this produce many more emissions than the bus. For these reasons, we think the bus from Manila to Banaue is still the best option.

TIP: If you decide to travel by plane, please consider including a carbon compensation fee to reduce your impact on the environment.

Itinerary from Manila to Banaue

Manila to Banaue by Bus

Duration: 8-11 hours
Cost: 820 PHP ($15)
Duration: 8-11 hours
Cost: 820 PHP ($15)

The bus is the most common mode of transport when travelling from Manila to Banaue.

There are 2 well-known bus companies that service this route. These are Coda Lines and Ohayami Trans, both of which only provide night trips.

The advantage of travelling at night is that you won’t have to spend your valuable day time on the long journey and you also save a night on accommodation. Especially considering that the bus trip can take between 8-11 hours, depending on the traffic when heading out of Manila.

Only tourist buses are available for this route. This means that they do not have onboard toilets and aren’t very spacious. They do make at least 2 stops along the way for bathroom and meal breaks. Overall, don’t expect too much from the buses operating in the Philippines.

Bus schedule from Manila to Banaue

Bus OperatorScheduleCosts
Ohayami Trans22:00-06:00860 PHP ($16)
Buy Your Bus Tickets
Coda Lines (Tourist)22:00-06:15820 PHP ($15)
Buy Your Bus Tickets

Ohayami Trans

Note that Ohayami buses often operate older models than Coda Lines.

Coda Lines

Manila to Banaue by Flight

Duration: 5 hours
Cost: 5,700 PHP ($105) incl. van transfer
Duration: 5 hours
Cost: 5,700 PHP ($105) incl. van transfer

There is no direct flight from Manila to Banaue. First, you’ll need to take a flight from Manila to Cauayan Airport (CYZ), from where it’s still a 130km ride to Banaue.

From Cauayan, you can take a private van to Banaue, which will take around 4 hours. There is also a way to travel by a combination of a bus and jeepneys, but we wouldn’t recommend this option. It’s quite complicated and includes many transfers.

Step 1: Manila to Cauayan by Flight

Duration: 1hr 10m
Cost: 1,700 PHP ($31.50)
Duration: 1hr 10m
Cost: 1,700 PHP ($31.50)

Cebu Pacific offers the only flight from Manila to Cauayan. This flight leaves every day at 10:25 and on Tue, Thu and Sat there is an additional departure at 14:15. Flights depart from Manila Airport Terminal 3 and travel time is just a little over an hour.

Airfares range between 1,700 PHP ($31.50)2,400 PHP ($45), but they can go as low as 910 PHP ($17) during sale periods. We recommend to book your ticket at least 2 months in advance for the best prices.

Check Flights on Skyscanner

Step 2: Cauayan to Banaue by Van

Duration: 4 hours
Cost: 4,000 PHP ($75)
Duration: 4 hours
Cost: 4,000 PHP ($75)

Once you arrive at Cauayan Airport, there will be drivers waiting for passengers to arrive. They will probably come up to you and offer you a ride to Banaue. Use your negotiation skills to obtain a good deal as they will always quote a higher price.

Usually, hiring a private van costs about 4,000 PHP ($75). If you can get this at a lower price, then better. Hiring a private van is a great option if travelling with a group.

TIP: If you also need convenient transport for going around Banaue, you can ask the driver to make a deal. You have a high chance of getting a discount if you book them for the duration of your stay.

From Cauayan Airport to Banaue by Bus and Jeepney (not recommended)

Private transportation is by far the easiest way to get from Cauayan Airport to Banaue. However, if you want to save money, there is also a way to travel this leg of the journey with a combination of the bus, tricycle and jeepney.

First, you’ll need to take a 5-minute tricycle going to Cauayan Bus Terminal. The tricycle ride costs about 100 PHP ($1.85). Just don’t expect the tricycle to be very spacious. You can ask for the tricycle driver’s help in hailing a bus that passes through Bagabag Junction.

Once you get on the bus, tell the driver or conductor to drop you off at Bagabag Junction. A ticket costs around 100 PHP ($1.85) and the bus ride takes about 2.5 hours. Next, you’ll have to take 2 jeepney rides.

At Bagabag Junction, wait for a jeepney bound for Lagawe. This leg should take about 1 hour. In Lagawe, transfer to another jeepney for a 1hr 45m ride to Banaue. You will be dropped off at the town centre. The entire jeepney trip costs around 150 PHP ($2.80).

Total commute time from Cauayan Airport to Banaue would be about 5.5 hours. As you can see, it’s not an easy trip at all. We just wanted to show you how complicated it can be and why we wouldn’t really recommend taking public transportation for this route.

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