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How to get from Sagada to Manila?

Did you finish with all your adventures in the mountains and caves of Sagada? We recommend to check out Banaue as well, but if you’ve already seen its world wonders, it’s time to head back to  Metro Manila.

The only direct option when travelling the 390km distance from Sagada to Manila is by bus. The bus ride takes 12 hours and tickets start from 930 PHP ($18). Alternatively, you can take a flight for 5.5 hours (including land transfers) for at least 4,600 PHP ($92).

2 ways to get from Sagada to Manila

Transport modeDurationCostsAvailability
Bus12 hours910 PHP ($18)Check bus tickets
Flight5.5 hours4,600 PHP ($92)Check flights

Although the bus takes 12 hours, we think it’s the most convenient way to travel from Sagada to Manila. Note though that you won’t have a lot of bus choices. The standard tourist bus can be a bit cramped, but the VIP bus can provide a bit more legroom. Bus rates start at 930 PHP ($18).

With the flight, you can cut the travel time in half, but you still need to travel 180km by land to the nearest airport in Tuguegarao. Not to mention, this option is very expensive. Combined travel time is about 5.5 hours and costs 4,600 PHP ($92). This can go lower if you take public transport to the airport, although that would take much longer and defeat the purpose of taking a flight.

Itinerary from Sagada to Manila

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Sagada to Manila by Bus

Duration: 12 hours
Cost: 910 PHP ($18)

Coda Lines operates 4 direct buses from Sagada to Manila daily. You can choose to take a standard tourist bus or a VIP bus.

There is not so much difference between the semi-deluxe (tourist) and super deluxe (VIP) buses for this route. The VIP bus offers a little more leg space, but don’t expect a huge difference between the two.

Also, most of the buses arrive in the middle of the night in the metro. There is one VIP day trip that will eat up a whole day of your vacation just on travelling, although this could be appealing if you want to see the amazing views along the way.

Expect to pay 910 PHP ($18) for the tourist bus and 1,150 PHP ($23) for the VIP bus. On busy season or on weekends, make sure to book your ticket online beforehand via BookAway.

Bus OperatorScheduleDurationCosts
Coda Lines
12h910 PHP ($18)
Coda Lines
12h1,150 PHP ($23)

The buses depart from Sagada-Besao Road near the Sagada Municipal Hall in the town center and park at their terminal along EDSA, Monte de Piedad cor. Maryland St. in Cubao. There are plenty of taxis or Grab cars along this area so you should have no problem getting to your end destination or hotel from the terminal. Cubao is about 10km north of Makati. A taxi costs about 200 PHP ($4) outside peak hours.

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Sagada to Manila by Flight

Duration: 5.5 hours
Cost: 4,600 PHP ($92)

Bear in mind that there are not a lot of transport options when in Sagada and often, you will need to take multiple overland transfers. The same goes when going to the nearest airport in Tuguegarao.

Step 1: Sagada to Tuguegarao Airport by Taxi

Duration: 4 hours
Cost: 3,000 PHP ($60)

If you don’t want to miss your flight, we recommend taking a taxi or private car from Sagada to Tuguegarao Airport. You can ask your guesthouse to assist you with this. Taxi fares start at 3,000 PHP ($60).

If you can, try asking around before the day of your flight if there are other tourists heading to the airport on the same day. This way you can share the taxi fare and save a few bucks.

Travel time with the taxi is about 4 hours.

Another option is to take public transport. But this will include at least 4 transfers and can easily take about 6 hours.

If you’re really keen to make it work, read our page on how to travel from Sagada to Banaue first. From Banaue, you have to take a jeepney to Lagawe and then another one to Bagabag Junction. This costs about 150 PHP ($3). Then you wait for a bus going to Tuguegarao along the highway. The fare for the bus ride is about 250 PHP ($5). The bus station is not too far off from the airport so you can hail a local transport going there.

Remember, you need to be at the airport at the very least an hour before your flight. If you can find a way to arrange transport with your hotel, then this will come off very handy to you. Best of luck!

Step 2: Tuguegarao to Manila by Flight

Duration: 1hr 15mins
Cost: 1,600 PHP ($32)

There are only 2 flights operating from Tuguegarao to Manila daily. These depart at 09:40 and 12:45 from Tuguegarao Airport and arrive at Manila Airport Terminal 3. The flight takes 1hr 15mins.

Airfares start at 1,600 PHP ($32), but can go higher on peak season.

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