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Flight or Ferry from Siargao to Manila?



How to get from Siargao to Manila?

Going from Siargao Island to Manila in the Philippines?

You have two options: a direct flight (about 2,5 hours), or you can hop island to island by ferry. Keep in mind that the ferry makes two stops before reaching Manila, and travel time will take more than one day.


Your options at a glance

Transport modeDurationCostsAvailability
Flight2h 25mfrom 4.297 PHP (€72) Check available flights
Ferry34,5 hours excl transfer time3.210 PHP (€53,50) 

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Flight from Siargao to Manila

Duration: 2hr 25min
Costs: from 4.297 PHP (€72) 

If you want to travel directly from Siargao to Manila, then flying is the best choice.

Have a look at 12GoAsia‘s list of airlines and prices, or you can also check out Cebu Pacific for their flight schedule from Siargao to Manila. Prices will fluctuate, so it’s best to book your ticket in advance to avoid paying more.

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Tip: Cebu Pacific offers many promotions annually. Keep an eye out for these promotions so you can book a cheaper flight for this route!

Ferry from Siargao to Manila

Duration: 34,5 hours excl transfer time
Costs: 3.210 PHP (€53,50) 

Traveling by ferry from Siargao to Manila requires more than one day and involves multiple transfers. Make sure to align your trips so you don’t miss any of the ferries.

Step 1: Ferry from Siargao to Surigao

Duration: 2 hours
Costs: 220 PHP (€4) + 300 PHP (€5)

There are multiple ferries going from Siargao to Surigao. See an overview of the trips below:

Ferry CompanyScheduleDurationCosts
JP Shipping Lines
(Fortune Angel 1)
2 hours220 PHP (€4)
JP Shipping Lines
(Fortune Angel 2)
2 hours220 PHP (€4)
Evaristo & Sons Sea Transport Corp.
2 hoursEconomy - 300 PHP (€5)
Tourist - 350 PHP (€6)
Business - 400 PHP (€7)
Evaristo & Sons Sea Transport Corp.
10:00-13:203h 20mEconomy - 100 PHP (€2)
Tourist - 150 PHP (€2,50)
Premium - 180 PHP (€3)

We recommend booking with JP Shipping Lines. The fast craft from Evaristo & Sons is more expensive, and the RoRo takes longer.

Step 2: Ferry from Surigao to Cebu

Duration: 8,5 hours excl transfer time
Costs: 825 PHP (€14) + 10 PHP (€0,20)

Cokaliong Lines is a credible shipping company that offers trips from Surigao to Cebu. The vessel departs Surigao City Port at 17:00.

You can buy your ticket at the port or at any of their ticketing outlets. For a list of the ticketing outlets, go to their website and click on the ‘Contact’ button.

The journey takes about 8,5 hours, and the ship is set to dock at Cebu Port by 3:30. You may have some time to spare before your next ferry ride.

Step 3: Ferry from Cebu to Manila

Duration: 23 hours
Costs: 1.800 PHP (€30) 

The final leg of your trip is a ferry ride with 2Go Travel. Check their website for the latest updates on the times and dates of departure.

Ticket prices start at 1.800 PHP (€30). Fares also vary depending on how early you book. The voyage takes 23 hours, but you’ll be able to rest on the ship.

The ship disembarks from Cebu Port Pier 1 and docks at North Harbour Pier 4 in Manila.